Coaching & Mentoring


What Are You Waiting For?

When you got your horse you probably dreamed about your touch connecting with your fabulous beast. Two as one. Perhaps you imagined galloping bareback and bridle-less on the beach or down a mountain trail, maybe shooting a bow and arrows even.

Get It Now

Growing your horsemanship is about pursuing your dreams. Unexpected twists and turns abound. From spooky horses to "balky - I ain't goin'" horses. To you want to go, I'll show you go as they bolt off or run out on a jump, barrel or water.

My goal is to help you navigate and gain the knowledge to steer a course to your success and dreams you'll love.

Grow Your Horsemanship

Maybe piaffe or passage or ripping round the barrels. You probably expected for your efforts, great results in a shorter amount of time with less frustration and danger. A fair expectation to have, after all should you have to struggle to enjoy your horse?

Have Fun


  • Have your horse looking for ways to surprise you.
  • Ask for a movement that you've never done before and your horse executes it.
  • Be fearless in your progress to higher, formerly scary requests.
  • Bring in the love, wonder and enjoyment that is the reason you got into horses in the first place.




Become the wizard of your own MIH club (Make It Happen).  If you've been struggling to realize your dream or can't even express it anymore, then you're in the right place.  My clients learn how to take action with confidence to craft their dream horse.