Once Upon a Time

the MAGIC that lies within YOU 
and your HORSE

Once Upon a Time...

There was a BEAUTIFUL princess who always wanted a HORSE.  She longed for something DIFFERENT -- A horse she could love on and that horse would LOVE her back.

And THEN one birthday... there was a horse in the backyard.

The princess spent zillions of hours petting and LOVING on her horse and giving it TREATS.

One day she realized that even though she ADORED her horse...

Maybe... she'd have to admit that her horse didn't love her, unless she counted STEPPING on her feet, pushing her with it's shoulder and BITING her hand snatching the treats.  The princess was unhappy.

Then ONE day... the BEAUTIFUL, but very sad and unfulfilled princess had ENOUGH.  She started on her QUEST.  Scared and feeling very ALONE, she googled HORSEMANSHIP.  She followed the leads but kept hearing that distant voice inside her HEART that kept whispering "You don't want to be like all those OTHERS with their HORSE."

She read tales of an AMAZING website that many other princesses had discovered.

This place must be MAGICAL because these princesses were changed FOREVER after their experience there...

(Lots of LAUGHTER, treats, relaxation, acceptance, phenomenal growth and of course, exceptional skills along with concepts she'd never heard of nor EXPLORED)

The SPELL had been cast.

Although nervous that she may not be READY for this magical place, she knew it was where she had to be...

Tirelessly she kept going - feeling LOST sometimes and QUESTIONING her judgement.  Had she made the right decision to change everything and not conform to the regular ways?

If she said YES, she knew her horsemanship would never be the same.

If she said NO, nothing would change and she'd regret it.

But was she BRAVE enough?
Did you really want to CHANGE?
This was her chance to discover HORSEMANSHIP MAGIC and shine.

What would you do?  How will YOUR STORY end?


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for a DISCOVERY of who you and your horse are!

Discover how to reveal your PURPOSE so you can create and attain the horsemanship of your DREAMS.

No matter where you've been, you're here now for a REASON.

What EXACTLY is your Happy Ever After and how are you going to create it?
Learn TOOLS to help you navigate horsemanship's WICKED STEPMOTHERS, TROLLS, POISON APPLES AND DRAGONS!

We're so DELIGHTED to have you aboard!  WELCOME, welcome possums!


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Pile ON top these FIVE training lessons to help you HOT-WIRE your horsemanship and of course, they're FREE!!! Get it in your head and then apply it like Elmer's to your horsework.

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Donna Farler

Lauren, I have to comment on this!  I have trained four horses to do curbside service and I am thrilled with the results.  Now, I have had another chance to try your way of working with a balky situation.   I was on a quarter horse who decided that it was too scary to go through a gate onto a "creepy" looking wooded path.  Before I would have kicked, prodded, pushed and may be have gotten off to get the horse to go where I wanted.  I was patience, let her back, kept her straight.  When she stopped, I let her think about it and asked again, with a couple of leg bumps.  We did this about three times, no hurry, no rush, very patient, no big deal...and you know what happened...on the fourth try she decided it was ok and we quietly walked through the opening.  Thank you so much for your fabulous horse sense!

Curbside Service

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WW, two-time winner of the Extreme Mustang Makeover Challenge.

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Everybody does it. You do it. I do it. Your horse does it. Everybody BALKS! As in: NOPE, I DON'T WANT TO AND I'M NOT GOING TO!


Lauren takes on a serious issue that happens in absolutely everyone's horsemanship but challenges you with her unique sense of humor to have fun with the whole process and enjoy the journey as you uncover these proven step-by-step solutions for exceptional results.


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