Please visit Handcrafted Jewels for a GREAT selection of tools, equipment and a zillion rope color choices. Plus, they’ve got halters with bling!!!

Here are my basic recommendations with current pricing from 6/2015:

1/4" soft adult - $15.50

9/16" x 12' double braid loop end with popper lead - $33.50

9/16" x 16' double braid loop end with popper lead - $40.00

1/2' x 22' double braid loop end with popper lead - $46.50

If you're only going to get one lead, get the 16'. You can choose your own clips from the hardware store or you can purchase one from them. I do like to have one with the twist clip though.

3/8" x 4' fiberglass stick with string/popper - $30.50

1/2" sport/loop reins 10 feet long or longer if your horse has a long neck and shoulder.

What I'm really big on right now for developing both horse and rider is long lines with a surcingle. has the surcingle I use for $21 and the best price and place to get the long lines is Double Dan. 3/8" line 26' long. Here's the link.. 

My friend Helen Miller has THE BEST BooBooGoop for all wounds and itches and such for horses and people. Please do yourself a big favor and click this link right now and order some and never run out. And if you use this code you'll get 15% off your order LW-EH2015. This link goes right to the order page, but feel free to wander around her site.

Many of us horse folk have some ligament/tendon/joint/swelling/pain issues. I can't believe how good the Ruta Graveolens cream from is. Please give it a shot. I've had SO many people who read about it in my newsletter, tried it and wrote to me with fabulous results. is a great place to get exceptional equipment and my book at a great price!

For many things horse, go to

This picture of me (up top) on Campirano in the mountains of south-western Mexico on a great ride. The three peaks are called The Three Kings. Check out Lucia and Pepe’s website

Saddles from Columbia (the country in S. America, not S. Carolina)

These saddles are beautiful and so well balanced in the seat. There are bunches to chose from. Contact me for more info.


barbed wire 2

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Donna Farler

Lauren, I have to comment on this!  I have trained four horses to do curbside service and I am thrilled with the results.  Now, I have had another chance to try your way of working with a balky situation.   I was on a quarter horse who decided that it was too scary to go through a gate onto a "creepy" looking wooded path.  Before I would have kicked, prodded, pushed and may be have gotten off to get the horse to go where I wanted.  I was patience, let her back, kept her straight.  When she stopped, I let her think about it and asked again, with a couple of leg bumps.  We did this about three times, no hurry, no rush, very patient, no big deal...and you know what happened...on the fourth try she decided it was ok and we quietly walked through the opening.  Thank you so much for your fabulous horse sense!

Curbside Service

"Drop everything right now and order this book! It will do MORE for you in LESS time than any other tool I know of. My mustangs made huge changes. It's as if Lauren was right there next to you whispering in your ear what to do next. Imagine all the possibilities and better results you will gain by simply using this one skill! It’s a blast. Lauren has a way of breaking an issue down and explaining it in a very clear and fun way. Do yourself a favor and get it now!"

WW, two-time winner of the Extreme Mustang Makeover Challenge.

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